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Hey all, I'm kinda annoyed with the way all my picture postings get lost to time so I finally gave in and got a Deviant Art account so people can just enjoy the pictures, THEN read the info.

So check me out over at:

UB Con 2011
If I'm still in the area I'd love to sell again. Looks like the event is scheduled for April 8-10, 2011. If there is anything you'd like me to have there or any suggestions, let me know. I'm trying to think of other $5 items or less I can sell next year. The cupcake cthulhus are a big hit, but the brains didn't move. I'm not sure I want to do more sushi this year.

Cuteness Abounds
With the mass rush to get stock for UB Con, I never got around to actually posting my newest creations. So here are the mass group pics of my swarm of Cupcake Cthulhus and the new Sushi Buddies. I know some of you may have seen these already, but I wanted to share to those who haven't. I'll be taking more picks and finish listing the leftovers at my Etsy store soon.

More Images can be found here:

Next up: getting around to making baby cthulhu hats, making a beholder pirate (as ordered friends at con), and Crow. T. Robot for my to get ambition after i finish getting over con

UB Con here i come
Just an update, it looks like I definately have a table at the con so hope to see some ppl there! I'll post more pictures of the rest of the sushi and such when I take a break from making things.

Sushi & Braaaaaaainsss!
I've been working away and here they are, my sushi trio and my healthy and zombie brain! These are completely my own patterns and I'm thinking of selling the brain pattern in the future and may offer the sushi patterns as well.

The Sushi Trio:

The Brains:

Click the link below to go to more pictures of the sushi and brains from other angles!

New Items and Countdown to UB Con
I'm attempting to get a table to sell at UB Con as such I'm working on a bunch of quick, cheap to make items that I can sell for $6 or less. If most con goers are like me, especially university cons, I bring enough to buy some small stuff and one big so I want stuff available that won't break the bank. These include my cupcake cthulhus, brains (both healthy and icky), and cute plushie sushi buddies. I also have some other simpler pins and bookmark ideas too I can sell for $1. I will have a cthulhu hat or two for those interested.

I've figured out the brains and two of the sushis so I'll post pics when I figure out the last sushi and dig out the camera again.

Christmas Cards and crafting fail
I've been idle for a while on here and on my Etsy but I kinda hit a creativity lull for a bit. A friend commissioned a hat but the knitting stitches required to make it weren't in my repetoire so I've been teaching myself. I managed to get a large part finished and got to casting it off the loom...and screwed it up royally. All well, I can't learn everything the first time.

Eventually my creativity came back and Cupcake Cthulhu reared his head and thus came these cards. ENJOY! I may offer them for sale if there is interest and I perfect them a bit more.

Other versions can be found here:

Dasota's Ears
Well I've been pretty busy with real life things so the crafting got put on hold. Here's the ears I finished for my friend Dasota for her Dragon Con wolf costume.

New Items up at my Store
Well I finally got the ambition to piece together a few more things I made so they're now up at my store. Enjoy! :) The eyes ARE black but the camera is getting old.

Grand Opening and what I'm up to
I officially opened my store on Saturday. There area five items up now and I'm working on finishing up two "eye stalk" monsters. I keep jumping between projects so those need to be assembled, got a new novelty hat in the works (winks at tipouf), a new plushie that I may or may not sell, and i've been working on a commission for my friend Dasota. The latter is wolf ears for a costume. Below you can see the first ear mostly finished.

Sneak Peek
Here's a sneak peek of some of the items I'm going to be listing as soon as the store opens. Yes I need a better camera.

The Cthulhu Hat

Cthulhu Cupcake

Cthulhu Cupcake Keychains (light purple, deep purple, and neon green)

Hey all, I'm still around. I've just started the professional job hunt. If you haven't checked out my Etsy recently, the officially opening June 20th (baring the state not getting tax form authorization to me or moving to another state). So in my spare time I'm working on stock for the store. I have one Cthulhu hat done, 3 cupcake cthulhu keychains, 2 cupcake cthulhu plushies, and 2 beholders just needing assembly. I'll post pics when i get a some point here.

So cute
Well apparently my Cthulhu Hat doubles as a costume. Earlier I posted the red and black Cthulhu Hat that was special ordered. Well it was ordered as a birthday present for her hubby but their little one has claimed it for himself. However as an adult hat, it encompasses his entire head. Without further ado, here's the cutie:

GIR hat
Well here's my newest commission. A GIR hat. If you don't know who GIR and call yourself a geek, be ashamed, be very ashamed (and Google it now!!!)

And the hubby looks sooooo excited. Luckily it's not for him.

Chibi Tom Servo w/Free Pattern
Since the original was so time consuming to make I decided to make a cuter, smaller, easier version. So enjoy Chibi Servo.

And for a size comparison. If fits nicely in your palm.

I may be willing to sell these for about $15


Starting with the Neck:
Magic Ring,
Row 1: sc 6 times in ring (6 sc)
Row 2: 2 sc in each sc around (12)
Row 3: sc in the back loops only (BLO) around (12)
Row 4-8: sc in each sc around
Row 9: sc in the front loops only (FLO) around (12)
Row 10: (sc in next sc, 2 sc in next sc) around (18)
Row 11: (sc in the next 2 sc, 2 sc in the next sc) around (24)
Row 12: sc in the BLO around (24)
Row 13-20: sc in each sc around
Attach white
Row 14: working in the FLO (sc in the next 3 sc, 2 sc in the next sc) around (30)
Row 15: (sc in the next 4 sc, 2 sc in the next sc) around (36)
Row 16: (sc in the next 5 sc, 2 sc in the next sc) around (42)
Row 17: (sc in the next 6 sc, 2 sc in the next sc) around (48)
Row 18: (sc in the next 7 sc, 2 sc in the next sc) around (54)
Thread a pipe cleaner through the body where you want the arms Stuff neck and body here
Attach black
Row 19: sc in the BLO of each sc around (54)
Row 20: (sc in the next sc, decrease the next 2 sc) around (36)
Row 21: sc in each sc around
Row 22 to finish: repeat rows 20 & 21
Stuff before the hole gets too small.
Finishing: When the center is small enough, weave the yarn into the stitches and pull tight, tie off.

Top cap:
Magic Ring,
Row 1: sc 6 times in ring (6 sc)
Row 2: 2 sc in each sc around (12)
Row 3: (sc in the next sc, 2 sc in the next sc) around (18)
Row 3: sc in the BLO of each sc around (18)
Row 4: sc in each sc around (18)
Fasten off

Cut out and glue on felt where needed.
Wind the Pipe Cleaner into a spring form. Leaving tips to glue the hands to.
Attach head (I used a decoupage ball from Michaels)

This is essentially the same pattern I used for the big Servo, Just add the number of rows and increases to reach the size you want. You can attach pipe cleaners but you'll need one for each side or a much longer one or attach them to the crocheted shoulders..


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